Hoover Institution Library Pamphlet Database


de Kay, John. An Appeal to the Dreamers and Toilers, Bern-Bümpliz, Switzerland, 1919.

The Hoover Institution Library’s pamphlet database is made up of 55,000 pamphlets, which cover political, social, and economic issues from all over the world, and mainly focus on the twentieth century. There are pamphlets in every language - about 33,000 of them are in English, about 10,000 in German, and about 3,000 are in Russian, for example -- and of many lengths and illustrative content.

The pamphlets in this database may be searched on the website by author, title, and subject headings, as well as by keyword, and in several other ways. Individual titles are not in Socrates. The pamphlets are located in the Hoover Library, in Hoover Tower, and, due to their delicate nature, are for library use only. Copies of these pamphlets are also available on microfilm in the Hoover Library. Both the paper originals and the microfilms may be requested at the Hoover Library circulation desk.

The pamphlet database does not include the close to 7,000 pamphlets that can be found in the Hoover Library's card catalog, nor does it include the Institution's estimated 60,000 pamphlets that are yet to be cataloged.