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About the institution:
Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe (National Digital Archives) is the national archive of Poland, formed 8 March 2008 from the merger of the Archives of Audio-Visual Records and the State Archives of Poland. It acts as the national archive for Poland and holds the central archives of the Poland government. They are the state official archives and aim to provide digital files as a response to the development of recording, storing and access technologies

The vision of the NDA is to:

  • archive digital materials, including digital documents
  • archive photographs, films and sound recordings
  • create digital files of hard copy materials
  • share digital information and make the collection accessible online

Holdings related to RFE/RL:

Collection of Polish Broadcasting Section of ‘Radio Free Europe’
consists of sound recordings, photographs, documents and microfilms related to the Polish Broadcasting Section of ‘Radio Free Europe’ operating in Munich, 1952 - 1994.

Sound recordings
Collection numbers approx 17,000 programme reel and tape recordings, including those transmitted in key-moments of Polish history and political migration. The radio station transmitted not only politically focused programmes, but also educational, cultural, musical and religious ones, as well as entertainment shows. Some materials comes also from the celebration of 50th Anniversary of RFE that took place in 2002 in Warsaw.

The collection contains over 450 images, mostly black-and-white, referring to various sides of the radio station operation, such as: programme making, meetings, events, work conditions, workers in various situations, equipment, headquarters and the so-called ‘balloon war’ (the dropping of anti-communist propaganda leaflets via balloon). Some materials comes also from the celebration of 50th Anniversary of RFE that took place in 2002 in Warsaw.

The collection contains over 1.5 million typed pages dated 1964 - 1982 and 1989 - 1994, mostly registry copies of sound recordings, as well as everyday programme script copies (160 meters of documents).

The collection consists of microfilmed programme scripts dated 1952 - 1963 and 1983 - 1988, listeners letters 1982 - 1993, as well as write-ups on the Polish Broadcasting Section of ‘Radio Free Europe’ from Polish and foreign press (286 reels with about 9 km of microfilms in total).

Online resources related to RFE/RL:

Collection: Photographs
Digitized and catalogued photographs from the of Collection of Polish Broadcasting Section of ‘Radio Free Europe’

Other online resources:

Polish Radio: Radios of Freedom
Digitized photographs and sound recordings of Polish Broadcasting Section of ‘Radio Free Europe’.

Nikodem Boncza Tomaszewski Phd, director, + 48 22 822 25 32,
Marcin Malicki, head of the Department of Resource Sharing, + 48 22 572 16 12,

The registers contain only records fully processed and available to researchers. Other sections of the collection are also accessible though preliminary guides are not posted. >>details

The RFE/RL paper records are being made available as they are processed. Sound recordings require digitization before a program is considered available for audition or purchase. Researchers interested in recordings that have not yet been digitized may place special orders for these items. Researchers are advised to contact RFE/RL project archivist Anatol Shmelev before visiting the Archives to determine current availability. >>details